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Compellier drives construction industry value by investing in people, technology, and practices for long-lasting, quality building systems, with a focus on multifamily construction and vertical integration of operations.

Formulated Materials
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Formulated Materials is a top North American manufacturer of gypsum cements, sound attenuating mats, and innovative waterproofing solutions trusted by industry professionals for fireproofing, soundproofing, and waterproofing in commercial and multi-family construction.

Cemplex Group
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The Cemplex Group is a top installer of gypsum underlayments, sound control, and waterproofing systems across multiple states, providing comprehensive services for balconies and concrete leveling.

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Multi-Family Construction & Commercial Installations 2018-2022


square feet of leak-free
balconies waterproofed


square feet of smooth
gypsum poured


Residential apartments
Multi-family construction

Market Positioning

Compellier, the parent company for The Cemplex Group® and Formulated Materials®, strategically focuses on the growing multi-family construction market in the United States, aiming to make a positive difference in the industry. Leveraging the synergies between the companies, Compellier seeks to solve customer challenges by providing creative and innovative solutions that eliminate failures, injury, and litigation. By tailoring its strategies to meet the increasing demand in the residential complexes and apartment buildings segment, Compellier leverages its expertise, resources, and relationships to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions.

Customers and Relationships

To establish itself as a leading player in the sector, Compellier forges strong partnerships with stakeholders and invests in research and development. The company adopts innovative technologies and materials, exceeding customer expectations while contributing to the growth of the industry and meeting diverse housing needs. Customer relationships are highly valued by Compellier, as they enhance satisfaction, loyalty, and generate repeat business. Trust, credibility, and feedback from customers differentiate Compellier from competitors, driving the company’s growth and success in the construction industry.

Business Synergies

Business Synergies

The relationship between Compellier, Formulated Materials, and The Cemplex Group creates synergies that benefit the markets they serve. Compellier oversees and coordinates operations, providing strategic direction and back-office resources. Formulated Materials supplies innovative construction materials, while The Cemplex Group® offers installation services. Together, they ensure seamless project execution by utilizing advanced building materials technology and efficient installation techniques. This collaboration optimizes the construction process, resulting in high-quality, cost-effective projects that exceed customer expectations.
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